Acne Treatment

Safe and Effective Acne Light Treatment

Safe and Effective Acne Light Treatment for All Skin Types

Acne sufferers can take heart! Significant and rapid improvement is achieved with ISOLAZ. ISOLAZ is a quick and comfortable light-based treatment which combines the use of broadband light with gentle vacuum technology to achieve noticeably clearer skin. ISOLAZ has been approved by the FDA for all skin types. In addition to the face, other areas commonly treated for acne include the chest and back.

ISOLAZ is often used as a stand-alone treatment, and even patients who have not responded to antibiotics or topical treatments show good results. The vacuum component of the ISOLAZ treatment deep cleans pores as it loosens and extracts dirt, blackheads, and excess oil. The broadband light effectively destroys acne-causing bacteria, while excess oil and dead skin cells are sloughed away. Patients report visible improvement within 24-48 hours, noticing drying and flattening of blemishes, decrease in the number of acne lesions, reduced oil production, reduction of redness associated with acne, and pores that appear cleaner and more refined. Many of our patients have also reported feeling more confident and less self-conscious as their skin continues to improve. If you are interested in talking to us about ISOLAZ, please call us for a free consultation.





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