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PicoSure Tattoo Removal

Tattoos can be a beautiful human expression, but as our lives change, sometimes tattoo regret takes over. Erase unwanted tattoos with PicoSure™, the most advanced laser treatment available for tattoo removal.

PicoSure™ targets unwanted ink more effectively than ever before, successfully removing difficult colors, such as blue and green, as well as previously treated tattoos. Fewer treatments, improved recovery time, and faster results are achievable with PicoSure’s groundbreaking picosecond technology.

PicoSure™ is the first picosecond laser from Cynosure for the safe and effective removal of tattoos. PicoSure’s ultra-short pulse duration goes beyond photothermal action, creating an intense photomechanical impact, patented PressureWave™, resulting in greater disruption of the target for better clearance with fewer treatments, less fluence, and without injury to the surrounding skin. Yes, even dark, stubborn blue and green inks, as well as previously-treated, recalcitrant tattoos can be removed.


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PicoSure™ Tattoo Removal FAQ


How does PicoSure laser tattoo removal work?

Laser energy is delivered to the tattoo, targeting the ink and breaking it into smaller particles. The particles are eliminated through the body’s natural processes, resulting in clearance of the tattoo ink.

What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

For many patients, the feeling of laser tattoo removal is comparable to the sensation of a click of a rubber band against the skin. Our registered nurse will talk with you about the best comfort options available. We are happy to offer our ZIMMER™ CRYO 6 to make your laser experience more comfortable. The CRYO 6 can be used before, during, and after treatment, cooling the area and reducing discomfort by quickly delivering a light anesthetic effect.

How many treatments will tattoo removal require?

The number of laser treatments needed for tattoo removal is dependent on a number of variables, such as ink type, size of the tattoo, location on the body, type of laser used, and lifestyle habits. During your free consultation, our registered nurse will evaluate your tattoo and recommend a realistic treatment regime to help you achieve the best results.

How often will I need treatments?

While it typically takes 4-8 weeks for the body to absorb the ink particles, every tattoo responds differently. Following the recommended post-treatment protocol will likely improve the results.

How will my skin look after the laser treatment?

The ideal clinical endpoint for the tattoo treatment is an immediate slight whitening or “frosting” of the skin. This will subside after the treatment is complete. Other observable effects include mild swelling and redness.

Can I lighten the tattoo to have another one put on top?

Tattoos can be lightened in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. You will likely have to wait six weeks or more after your last treatment.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on several factors, including the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments it will require. Insurance companies will not cover laser tattoo removal, as it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure. After your free consultation, your practitioner will provide a price estimate for the treatment series.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Fortier’s office for laser tattoo removal. My experience so far has been awesome!” -Jaime G. Bristol CT

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