Skin Revitalization

PicoSure Skin and Hand Revitalization

PicoSure™ Focus Lens Array

This treatment is fast, safe, and effective as the Focus lens array reaches a precise depth of the skin, so that during each pulse, 10% of the skin is being treated at the high energy picosecond (one trillionth of s second) Focus level, while the lower level energy is treating the remaining 90% of the skin. This allows a deeper penetration to the dermal area under the skin, thus promoting collagen and elastin growth while also stimulating a non-traumatic tissue healing response. This results in better outcomes with essentially no downtime. Wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, fine lines, and non-traumatic scars are visibly improved.

This PicoSure™ Focus treatment is considered a “lunch-time” laser treatment as it is approximately 15 minutes in duration with no downtime. The PicoSure™ Focus treatment is usually a series of four consecutive treatments, spaced four weeks apart. This treatment is safe for most skin types and can be applied to face, hands, décolleté, and arms. Call today to schedule a free consultation with our registered nurse.

Before and After

“I’m thrilled with my results!  After only three quick and relatively pain free treatments my mature, sun damaged skin looks amazing.  My lines and pores have been minimized, my skin tone is even and tighter. Dr. Fortier and Yolanda have worked their magic and peeled back the hands of time. Much better outcome than the peels, dermabrasion and IPL laser (from another practitioner) that I had previously tried. Thanks for making the whole experience pleasant!” – Gayle D. – Wethersfield, CT

“I am writing to you to rave about the results that I have achieved as a result of treatment for skin revitalization on my face and hands with PicoSure Focus Lens Array. The difference in my face regarding elimination of wrinkles and fine lines has been very impressive and I have already received compliments from friends and family asking what I have done. Additionally, the age spots on my hands have disappeared and they look tremendously younger!” – Amy B.

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